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PLAZAMEDIA GmbH, a Sport1 Medien AG company, has developed into a leading sports TV producer in the German-speaking region since its foundation in 1976. Today, with its roots in classic TV production, PLAZAMEDIA is an established provider of smart, digital content solutions for all platforms beyond the sports sector: From production and management to archiving and distribution - worldwide, digital and tailored to all requirements.

Customers include not only public and private media companies and film and TV producers, but also platform operators, sports associations, agencies and international and national companies with their brands, products and services.

The range of services is broad: classic OB truck-based production or remote production, staging of live sports or entertainment events, state-of-the-art content management solutions, editing, archiving and target-group-specific content distribution on all media platforms - with convergent solutions, PLAZAMEDIA supports customers in the digital transformation of their business models along the entire value chain of their content. 

Smart solutions for customers' content: Production, management, archiving and distribution - worldwide, digital and tailored to all requirements. 

The new centerpiece of PLAZAMEDIA's production, studio and event space at AGROB Medienpark Ismaning is the completely IP-based broadcasting center opened in 2018 with freely scalable and future-oriented infrastructure. Thanks to the new broadcast center, PLAZAMEDIA has been able to further strengthen its market presence with regard to the further development of technological production innovations in recent years.

Keyword future: "Green Production" - the implementation of productions that are as sustainable as possible - is a focus at PLAZAMEDIA, because as a globally operating company, we too bear responsibility for our environment, our children and for future generations. Our image of sustainable production encompasses ecological, technical and social aspects - and goes hand in hand with appropriate action in all process chains and the use of future-oriented, resource-saving technologies.

20+ years experience

as a full-service provider

over 2000 top events

implemented and broadcasted

150 employees

and a large network of external experts and service providers