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Alpha Tauri | premium fashion brand from Red Bull

International fashion brand works with mixed reality studio for innovative campaign: Now, for the first time, AlphaTauri, Red Bull’s premium fashion brand, has launched a campaign using hybrid production, in which virtual and real elements merge to create a striking visual experience. The campaign was realized in PLAZAMEDIA’s mixed reality studio in Ismaning near Munich.

In PLAZAMEDIA’s Studio 6, a ROE Visual Diamond 2.6 LED wall was installed for the campaign. The campaign was shot with an ARRI-ALEXA-Mini-LF camera on a camera crane and with Mo-Sys Star Tracker System, which can determine the exact position of the camera in the room through tracking points attached to the ceiling. This information is passed to the Unreal Engine and as the camera moves, the parallaxes of the content on the LED wall shift and the image is recorded in the correct perspective in the camera. AlphaTauri supplied a total of three 3D worlds, which were adapted and enhanced by PLAZAMEDIA’s graphics department. To match the three 3D worlds, PLAZAMEDIA created three different sets with elaborate floor surfaces in front of the LED Wall.

The use of mixed reality is ideal for media companies as well as for the advertising industry and the event and culture sector. In Ismaning, they can realize their productions and events in a state-of-the-art environment. In the broadcast area, both live and non-live formats can be realized, such as talk shows, magazines, sports broadcasts, esports shows, game and quiz shows, as well as TV links and moderation for various formats. In addition, classic film production and TV series/soaps as well as commercial film productions and on-air promotions can be implemented. An innovative mixed reality studio also provides an optimal stage for music videos and concert livestreams, digital events, press conferences, photo shoots and social media content.