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Constantin Entertainment | "Doppelt kocht besser"

Optimal environment for SAT.1’s major TV production

PLAZAMEDIA’s Studio 4, with around 700 square meters and added production areas of around 1,000 square meters, offers optimum conditions for the production of the new cooking format. Logistically, the implementation requires a high degree of coordination and planning. The production processes are timed to the minute, so that the complex workflows of the various recording stations in the studio, the pre-kitchen, the green boxes and side studios with a total of 15 cameras are synchronized. Here, the IP-based TV control room supports with its flexible and modular infrastructure to assign the required functions to the respective workstations at any time.

Fotocredit: Attached are photos of the production of the new SAT.1 cooking show “Doppelt kocht besser” with celebrity chef Alexander Kumptner in Ismaning (Copyright: SAT.1 | Nadine Rupp) for free use in the context of editorial reporting.

[Translate to Englisch:] Set "Doppelt kocht besser"