Kabel1 / Janus TV - "Notaufnahme Live"

Janus TV | Kabel Eins (Onsite Services)

PLAZAMEDIA provides technology, crew and production management for the Janus TV GmbH productions of "Notaufnahme Live" [Emergency Room Live]. Hectic shift duty, tense resuscitation room, life-threatening injuries… In some 2,000 emergency rooms throughout Germany, doctors and nurses go about their vital work day in, day out, with all the physical and mental stress it entails. How are they coping in the time of the coronavirus pandemic, with crowded emergency wards, lack of staff and repeated abuse of paramedics? Tommy Scheel reports live for Kabel Eins, providing an insight into the challenging world of the medical staff. The first episode, from the Marienhospital Stuttgart, was broadcast February 13, 2020, the second, from the Klinikum St. Georg in Leipzig, October 15, 2020.