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MagentaTV | FIFA WM 2022

As part of its activities as a production service provider, PLAZAMEDIA, on behalf of Forty10, was responsible for the realization of all matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022 on six channels in UHD and HD, as well as signal supervision for the entire indoor production.

  • Redundant power supply for the entire indoor production environment.
  • Innovative technically equipped 2,600 square meters area with six playouts, a state-of-the-art World Cup main studio with the, 33 meters wide and 3.5 meters high, LED wall of the company Alfalite in combination with an augmented reality extension and virtual graphics. 
  • Real-time camera tracking for perfect interaction between virtual and real elements

With the help of XR technology, PLAZAMEDIA GmbH is blazing a trail for the production of innovative and sustainable content. The MagentaTV FIFA World Cup 2022 production marked the start of the launch of the LED Wall, which will be in permanent use in Ismaning from February 2023, more on this shortly...
A big thank you to all employees/clients/partners: MagentaTV, FORTY10, thinXpool TV GmbH and PLAZAMEDIA GmbH, for the realization of this great project.

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