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Soon, the doors will open at Ziegelei101 in Ismaning to usher in the era of virtual worlds and new production possibilities.


Are you looking to take your production to the next level?

In our Virtual Production XR-LED Studio, we can seamlessly blend real and virtual worlds for TV & Film, events, broadcasting, advertising, and groundbreaking creative projects.

All Production Services Under One Roof


Feasibility Study

Do you have a planned project or initiative and want to assess its feasibility?

We offer an independent evaluation that examines all aspects of the proposed project, including 3D design efforts and technical requirements.


Planning and Design Consultation

Our project management team is here to assist you in coordinating your project and executing it within a realistic timeframe. Planning the required set design, decorations, and on-set effects leads to an accurate assessment of the project scope. The scope of VFX work with the Unreal Engine or other software packages is determined in the early stages of the project.


Creation and Integration of Virtual Worlds & Support Throughout the Project

Do you already have an experienced graphic design partner or post-production house you'd like to collaborate with? We ensure your content workflow seamlessly integrates with our existing production pipeline. Crafting tailor-made virtual content is part of our service offering. Our 3D artists are here to support you in the creation process.


120 m² High-Performance LED Wall


With a pixel pitch of 1.9 mm to minimize Moiré

Moiré is the nightmare of virtual production. It's a physical interference between the LED pattern and the camera sensor's pattern, resulting in an unsightly disruption in the image. The best method to avoid Moiré is to defocus the LED wall, but this isn't always easy. Due to the camera setup requirements in a virtual environment, a smaller pixel pitch can be the solution to maintain the optimal sweet spot and thus avoid Moiré.


High Viewing Angle Stability

With a high viewing angle of up to 175° both horizontally and vertically.


Additional Freely Movable LED Walls

To optimize the final look of your in-camera VFX, it's sometimes advantageous to add additional reflections from a different perspective. These movable segments can be placed where needed for the right look, whether from above or behind.


Adaptable Workflow for Various Applications

Every production is unique and may require specific tools or scripts. We have many years of experience in creating control software using tools like Viz ARC, web-based interfaces, and other common frameworks. If your case is more specific, we offer the development of custom software in C#, .NET, and a variety of scripting languages tailored to your workflow needs.


Multi-Camera Setup

One of the challenges in virtual production is using two or more cameras to simultaneously record or transmit a scene. To achieve this goal without massive amounts of hardware, we utilize a cutting-edge camera-switching technology that can intelligently and seamlessly switch between cameras without multiplying the required rendering power.


Augmented Reality

In addition to the in-camera VFX pipeline and to complete the Extended Reality (XR) pipeline, we also offer state-of-the-art Augmented Reality, either to expand the LED wall or integrate virtual assets into the real set.




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