PLAZAMEDIA offers customized solutions as a one-time service or a full-service package. You benefit from studios with state-of-the-art production infrastructure that leaves nothing to be desired.

The studios

As a production service provider based in Munich, Germany, PLAZAMEDIA offers a variable and versatile studio landscape with facilities to satisfy all needs. In our studios with adjoining production rooms, we implement formats and events with up to 800 participants.


530 m2

Studio 5
The home of sports! This is where many of SPORT1’s successful sports formats are produced.
470 m2
Studio 4
Need more space? XL studio for TV productions with a big audience!
  • Efficient workflows: control room, technology and lighting store right next door
  • Greenbox always available for time-critical productions
  • Auditorium in close proximity
690 m2
Studio 3
This ideal studio for TV shows perfectly showcases your production and guests.
  • Long history of successful TV formats
  • Efficient workflows: control room, technology and lighting store right next door
  • Inner courtyard location and convenient approach for guests lend a special ambience
530 m2
For your audience

Our auditorium close to the studios provides room for approx. 150 people and is a convenient space for audiences and guests to wait.

250 m2
Studio 8
Next door to our XXL show studio no.7 is a fully equipped studio for TV productions and events.
  • Studio 8 can be variably combined with studio 7
  • Includes storage space and connection to broadcast center
  • Ideal for all kinds of unique (TV) events
240 m2
XXL Studio 7
The ideal location for TV productions and shows, our XXL studio is a 100% reliable environment for any event.
  • Variable space concepts in combination with studio 8
  • Driveway to red carpet leading directly to the road
  • Technical link-up to our broadcast center enables use as a TV studio
980 m2
Online Studio
Online Studio

Maximum flexibility for your online presence

To online studio »

70 m2


Our studio landscape is fully connected to the PLAZAMEDIA broadcast center, enabling optimized workflows and efficient processes for hassle-free implementation of your projects. Among others at your disposal are our optimally networked HD control rooms.

IT matrix switching

For changing production needs, our workstations and control and measuring units can be flexibly adjusted.


A freely switchable multi-viewing system provides optimal monitoring of all video signals. Every workstation has its own voice link to the networked studio intercom.


Our production control rooms are connected to the studios and all services in the broadcast center via HD-SDI and a redundant IP-network-based infrastructure. This allows further processing in both the classic broadcast environment and the realm of digital products and distribution processes on a network basis.


With multiple central uninterruptible power supplies and climate control systems, PLAZAMEDIA offers maximum fail-safety. Our protection also includes main and backup systems, redundant signal routing, overarching damage scenarios and automatic safety functions.

Variable configuration

Thanks to our variably configured control rooms, both large and small teams can optimally implement their productions with their ideal setup.


With our versatile greenbox, you can realize your projects quickly and straightforwardly, whether photography or video, individual project or production enhancement, and whatever the format.


Our 10x10m greenbox in studio 4 is ready-lit and perfect for last-minute or time-critical projects.


Our greenbox is linked to our VR and AR system and our team of experts are at your disposal.


PLAZAMEDIA is a one-stop shop for concept development, set design, interfacing and production – so you benefit from maximum flexibility.

Online studio

Studio 11 is especially designed for the production of web-TV formats. We adapt our versatile production experience here to effectively showcase your online content.


Our online studio offers a modular system with all relevant applications for a professional online presence.


Our online studio is always ready and technically equipped for bookings by the hour or large-scale projects.

The works

Recording and graphics solutions with automated cameras, edit facilities and live streaming at the touch of a button!


PLAZAMEDIA’s event location is unique in the Munich area. It turns moments into unforgettable experiences. Inside the impressive red-brick building, two spacious lofts await, along with a variety of secondary spaces to ideally stage your event.


Embedded in our media infrastructure, our extra-special event location ziegelei101 is just 20 minutes away from both downtown and Munich airport, with a shuttle service available on request and approx. 300 parking spaces on site.


With plenty of natural daylight, 7m-high ceilings with flexible construction, extensive secondary spaces, e.g. makeup or VIP areas, a covered inner courtyard and an auditorium, the building is perfect for showcasing all kinds of events.


Whether industrial style, conventional or full-on glamour, our versatile ziegelei101 venue is a master of transformation. From premium red carpet events to creative concepts in chic urban style – there’s no need to limit your vision!



Want to find out more? Get in touch and take advantage of our expertise as media and content specialists.

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