PLAZAMEDIA is a leading producer of international live events and provides innovative digital and IP-based production solutions in the sports and events sector.

Via our broadcast center, we scalably implement your projects of any size – from a standalone service right through to full-service productions, including virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) integration, refinement of signals and distribution to all common platforms. Live and without relevant latency! PLAZAMEDIA can produce for you on site, remotely or by combining remote elements with production services at the filming site in a hybrid solution.

We also help you optimally prepare your near-live or non-live content, already providing highlight clips shortly after your event finishes. Many years of experience and a highly motivated team with across-the-board expertise make PLAZAMEDIA your first-choice partner for sophisticated and challenging productions, whatever the type, size or scale of your project.


PLAZAMEDIA provides comprehensive services for rights holders, organizations and TV broadcasters in the fields of technical production, crew and broadcasting, backed up by decades of experience and across-the-board expertise.

Whether UEFA Champions League soccer, elite handball or on-trend eSports – no matter the sport or scale of the project, PLAZAMEDIA is the partner you can rely on for your sports production needs.

We understand the details that matter when it comes to showcasing different sporting events, and we know how to lead the emotions with technically brilliant and impactful images.

As your events grow, we up the scale! Whether it’s a one-time standalone service or a full-service package, from consulting and design right through to distribution and archiving, you reap the benefits of our professional infrastructure and bespoke solutions.


Our services

Broadcast services for TV and multimedia productions, both national and international

Planning, developing and implementing technical concepts

Specialist teams for cameras, drones and handling all technical services


Whether big TV shows like soccer talk format CHECK24 Doppelpass, award shows or other special occasions – we showcase your event perfectly. PLAZAMEDIA designs all production and distribution services as a one-stop shop. Always tailored to your needs and always with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Your benefits

Production of all kinds of major events, including public events

Production concepts adapted to your event

Flexible, innovative set design, equipment, lighting and sound

Support and technical services from specialists on site

VR and AR integration

Live, near-live and on-demand broadcasting on all platforms


For event locations with broadband and high-speed data connection, PLAZAMEDIA offers both remote production services and hybrid production options, thanks to our state-of-the-art broadcast center facilities. We’ve been producing CHECK24 Doppelpass, the FAMOUS SOCCER talk format on SPORT1, since 2016 with an innovative remote concept.
Get the best out of your content and benefit from our services around extending your value chain, with the enhanced scope for adding value that remote production offers.

Our services

We develop production concepts tailored to your projects and ensure maximum fail-safety.

Cutting-edge technology with minimal effort: Signals are transferred to our broadcast center via IP, where the broadcast, including sound and vision, is controlled.

We offer additional services from our broadcast center, such as inserting graphics, integrating social media, generating extra, monetizable content, and much more.

We also offer a variety of options for moving-image, content and video management.


Virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) are everywhere you look in the market. As an early adopter, these technologies have long been part of our production services. PLAZAMEDIA can draw on wide-ranging experience in the field of on-air graphics and develop concepts with you to give your audience an impressive visual experience.

With AR we seamlessly embed virtual elements into the real image without the need for a greenbox, thus creating more added value for the viewers.

With VR, for example, we enlarge real studio spaces and virtually integrate additional images into the live signal.


Benefits of production with PLAZAMEDIA

Our creative and innovative concepts make us a trailblazer in the field of virtual production solutions

Scalable service: from a single AR element through to virtual expansion of an entire studio

Enhancement of the viewer’s visual experience with additional information, e.g. player info, stats, field markings, etc.


Every event has its standout moments. Let your viewers and users share in them at any time – whether one-time, serial or sporting events:

PLAZAMEDIA creates top-quality highlights content for TV, web and mobile. We offer all services from preparing clips right through to editorial highlight coverage. As well as our fast provision of clips, you can use our archive services, have us enhance your content with metadata or distribute it to selected platforms.

Our services

Recording all kinds of input signals like satellite feed or IP streams

Edit suites for time-critical postproduction including audio dubbing

Transcoding and distribution to all platforms

Creation and time-controlled, automated publication of clips for social media

Automated highlight production based on live data


Your event – live for any-sized audience, be it a sporting event, concert, panel discussion, trade-show TV, corporate event or press conference: PLAZAMEDIA can produce the live stream in outstanding picture quality for all platforms and devices.

We can also advise you in depth on all the technical and editorial possibilities for giving your viewers the feeling of a real-life experience. Our aim is to showcase your event perfectly with customized solutions, and so help you increase your reach.

From a single service all the way through to a streamlined all-in-one solution, we deliver a scalable live-streaming package that’s optimally tailored to your needs.

Our services

Production of live streams for different platforms, on any device, with flexible technical overhead and maximum creative variety

Single-camera production with static camera angle (e.g. in a central position or for press conferences) or up to three cameras, also with camera crew

Pre- or post-match situations (e.g. interviews or pictures of teams arriving) with specialized cameras (e.g. on-board, ultra-motion, action cam or VR 180°/360°) as optional extras

On-site encoding and signal link-up (DSL, LTE or Ka-band)

Social media integration, e.g. as point-to-point stream to Facebook with the option to add further content like comments or votes

Add-on content possible, also in parallel with TV signal or creating stream, with signal acceptance (e.g. ISO feeds)

Enhancements, e.g. captions, graphics, logos, video content, can be flexibly added



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